Front Office

“Parents’ impressions of schools, for better or worse, are often formed by their front office interactions. If they are greeted warmly, promptly and information is shared quickly, then their overall mindset toward the school is accented toward the positive.”

Our Front Office provides a great deal of information and many services to our students, parents, teachers, and members of public. Information about all aspects of the school including enrollment information, activities and messages sent home, school bus routes, and financial services. The Front Office also accepts all complaints and redressals


• One stop solution for Parents, Students and Enquiries.

• Form Distribution, Form Submission & Filter criteria for admissions.

• Admission related activities with proper documentation & soft copy maintenance.

• Certifications (TC/BC/DOB/Character/Experience & etc…)

• Registration, Student Admission, Student Ledger, Student Information System

• Student financial details

• Notices as per activities

Call Back Request

WHATSAPP NUMBER : 8052302453
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