Teacher Diary

“ If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday, we rob them of tomorrow”

Teaching, now a days, has become a challenging and ever changing profession. It is transforming in all aspects like the learner, teaching environment and curriculum. Teaching must be done in accordance with the learner’s needs. A teacher is expected to satisfy the needs of the learner. A teacher should introspect within himself and recognize the shortcomings in himself as well as the teaching methodology. He has to undergo some critical analysis and find ways and means to improve the learning process. Teaching is not merely providing information to the learner but it is bringing a radical change in learning process which leads to the grooming of a good knowledgeable learner. A teacher has to plan all the learning process critically before teaching the learner. It will help in avoiding bad practices implemented by a teacher unintentionally and at the same time makes the learning process effective and comfortable to the learner. It can be done by meticulous planning and careful recording of every aspect of learning process in detail by the teacher before taking a class. Our teachers diary module is a great help in this regard.


• Advance & Actual Lession Plan auto genrated.

• Remedial plan for weak students.

• Automatically send daily homework on mobile App.

• Easy tracking of teching methodlogy.

• Configure learning outcome.

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