Time Table

Managing time table is a difficult and challenging task for the school staff as each class requires a unique timetable. If you are an educator or a school staff, you can easily understand the difficulty of creating a timetable for each class and adjusting them depending upon the availability of the teacher.

Timetable management system which is an automated system to generate and maintain time table according to the data given by the user. It helps in creating the timetable for each class easily and effortlessly. Time Table software is a user-friendly application which is easy to access and can be adapted to any educational system.


• Club more than one Class-Section Subject. For Example (CLASS XI-XII CLUB MATH-BIO SUBJECT)

• Continuous Period Setting.

• Availablity of teachers list for particular day-periodwise.

• Exchange & Replace Teacher/Subject.

• Block period for guest teacher.

• Manual adjustment possible after timetable generation.

• Reports.......

a) Master time table teacher wise.

b) Master time table class-section wise.

c) Time table class-section wise.

d) Time table teacher wise.

e) Substituted teacher list.
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