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Management of visitors has become an integral part for security and efficient time management and hence is an important aspect in institutions where security and information are important. Considering the wide range (Suppliers, Vendors, Publishers, Guardians) and reasons (Enquiry, Admission, Complaint, product demo, consultation, certification etc) for a visitor to visit school it is highly imperative to have a log of all such visits.

The overall goal is to have a better control access thus providing enhanced protection for our staff and students.


- Secured Admin module to Manage Students and Parents profile

- Photo Enrollment to identify registered Parents and Guardians

- Generate Visitor Pass with Parent / Guardian photo and Student Photo for better identification

- Categorisation of visitors General/Vendor/Guardian

- Print Visitor Pass on regular inkjet / LaserJet or printer of your choice or can use pre printed visitor number card after verification of his mobile number

- Student gate pass generation only after guardian verification.

- Manage and Monitor regular visitors to Admin block and Management team

- Search Repetitive visitors, either by Name or by Mobile Number

- Generate Multiple day / Vocational passes to Boarding/Hostel students

- Group Pass Entry and Exit

- Search Student information by School ID

- Track the items carried and deposited

-Track Vehicle movement details

- Various types of reports for analysis and tracking.

- Reports can be exported to excel format for data analysis and pdf format for email purpose.